Evolución del delta del río Paraná y su posible vinculación con el calentamiento global

Rubén Medina, Jorge Codignotto


Evolution of the Paraná River Delta and its possible relationship to Global warming. Tthis paper discusses the recent geomorphological evolution of the Paraná Rriver Ddelta on the basis of cadastral information,
old topographic and nautical charts and satellite images. evolution is linked to the consequences of global warming in the region of the Rrío de la Plata, particularly to the erosive processes. Tthese processes are very active in areas close to the delta, especially in the Samborombón Bay. However, in the Paraná not there was a decrease in their rhythm of progradation, on the contrary, it has remained constant or even has quickened. is probably due to increased sedimentary load by the Paraná in response to the increase of precipitation recorded since the 1970s in the region center and north of Argentina. As this is a direct consequence of global warming, or local climate variability, it may be said that the climate factor is also responsible for the aforementioned
progradational dynamics.

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