Primeras citas de ostrácodos (Crustacea) del Pleistoceno tardío de la provincia de Formosa, Argentina

María Belén Zamudio


First records of ostracods (Crustacea) from the late Pleistocene of the Formosa province, Argentina. We report the presence of Quaternary ostracods in the Province of Formosa, Argentina, found on the banks of the Bermejo Rriver, in the town of Villa Escolar. Tthe fossil site is placed 100 km from the city of Formosa, in the region of Laishi. Tthese outcrops were deposited at different moments of the Quaternary period during arid climate, causing the development of dunes and loess mantles. Is likely that the analyzed outcrops correspond to the Bermejo Formation (late Pleistocene). ostracods come from clay-silt levels and belong to the genera: Cytheridella, Cyprideis, Cypridopsis and Candona. Tthis ostracod association would indicate environments of continental influence, freshwater, shallow, silt-clay background with low energy streams.

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