Revisión taxonómica y estratigráfica de esporas cicatricosas del Cretácico Inferior de Patagonia. 2. Géneros Cicatricosisporites Potonié & Gelletich y Ruffordiaspora Dettmann & Clifford

Sergio Archangelsky, Ana Archangelsky


Taxonomic and stratigraphic revision of Lower Cretaceous cicatricose spores from Patagonia. 2. Genera Cicatricosisporites Potonié & Gelletich and Ruffordiaspora Dettmann & Clifford. Nine species of the genus Cicatricosisporites and five species of the genus Ruffordiaspora were found in several surface and subsurface sections of Lower Cretaceous sediments from the Austral Basin, Patagonia, Argentina. Two new species: Cicatricosisporites pramparoana and Ruffordiaspora cardielensis, are described, while 5 species: Cicatricosisporites cf. C. hallei, C. minutaestriatus, C. venustus, Ruffordiaspora cf. R. crassiterminatus nov. comb. and R. ludbrookiae are mentioned for the first time in Argentina. In view of the similarities that may be found between some species, and in order to facilitate comparisons and determinations, the main characters for each taxon here considered are resumed in a table. It is concluded that during the Lower Cretaceous spores of the family Anemiaceae were frequent components of pollen assemblages from the Austral Basin. Three groups of species studied are recognized: 1) species that are present in all stages of the Lower Cretaceous (Cicatricosisporites annulatus, C. cuneiformis, C. hughesii, C. sp. 2, Ruffordiaspora australiensis, R. ludbrookiae and R. ticoensis), 2) species that are found only in Aptian and Albian deposits (Cicatricosisporites cf. C. hallei, C. pramparoana and Ruffordiaspora cardielensis), and 3) species present excusively in albian sediments (Cicatricosisporites venustus, C. minutaestriatus and Ruffordiaspora cf. R. crassiterminatus).

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