Revisión taxonómica y estratigráfica de esporas cicatricosas del Cretácico Inferior de Patagonia. 1. Géneros Appendicisporites Weyland & Krieger, Nodosisporites Deák y Plicatella Maljavkina

Sergio Archangelsky, Ana Archangelsky


Taxonomic and stratigraphic revision of Lower Cretaceous cicatricose spores from
Patagonia. 1. Genera Appendicisporites Weyland & Krieger, Nodosisporites Deák and Plicatella Maljavkina.
Lower Cretaceous sediments found in different localities of the Austral Basin in Patagonia, contain several
cicatricose fern spore types belonging to the family Anemiaceae. This initial contribution is a taxonomic study
of 13 species referred to the genera Appendicisporites Weyland & Krieger, Nodosisporites Deák and Plicatella
Maljavkina. The most recent criteria to characterise these genera are discussed and systematic changes of taxa
previously described in Argentina are suggested. The material was recovered from Valanginian to Albian
lithostratigraphic units found in surface sections and offshore well cores of the Continental Platform.
Nodosisporites cf. N. genuinus (Bolkhovitina) Davies, Appendicisporites cf. A. unicus (Markova) Singh,
Plicatipollenites jansonii (Pocock) Davies, P. cf. P. degenerata (Thiergart) Davies and P. pseudotripartita
(Bolkhovitina) nov. comb. are described for the first time in Argentina. The new name and new combination
Plicatipollenites archangelskyi Davies (for Cicatricosisporites giganteus Archangelsky & Gamerro 1966), and
the new combination Plicatipollenites baqueroensis (Archangelsky & Gamerro) Davies are accepted. Finally,
comments on the stratigraphic distribution of the studied species in surface sections and well cores are made.

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