Brachistosternus galianoae (Scorpiones, Bothriuridae), una nueva especie de Bolivia

Andrés Ojanguren Affilastro


A new species of Brachistosternus from the Republic of Bolivia is described. This species was collected at the Sajama National Park, at 4500 m above sea level. It is closely related to Brachistosternus (Leptosternus) montanus Roig Alsina, Brachistosternus (Leptosternus) titicaca Ochoa & Acosta, Brachistosternus (Leptosternus) quiscapata Ochoa & Acosta and to Brachistosternus (Leptosternus) intermedius Lönnberg, from which it can be distinguished by the shape of the hemispematophore. In Brachistosternus (Leptosternus) galianoae n. sp. the distal lamina is strongly curved in the middle, and it is narrower and longer than the basal portion; the basal spines on the lobes of the basal portion of the hemispematophore are poorly developed or absent.  

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