Una nueva especie del género Megapaloelodus (Aves: Phoenicopteridae: Palaelodinae) del Mioceno Superior del noroeste de Argentina

Federico Agnolin


A new species of the genus Megapaleolodus (Aves: Phoenicopteridae: Palaelodinae) from
the Upper Miocene of Northwestern Argentina. A new species of the genus Megapaloelodus is described
in this paper. The new species, named M. peiranoi nov. sp. was found in outcrops of the Upper Miocene Andalhualá
Formation, in Catamarca province, NW Argentina. The new species differs to other previously described
Megapaloelodus species and shows several elements that were poorly described by previous authors. Cervical
vertebrae may be distinguished from those present in the remaining phoenicopterids in having wider and shorter
centra. Medium dorsals are free. The notarium is shortened and is formed by two laterally compressed vertebrae.
These vertebral traits are highly reminiscent of the basal phoenicopterid Juncitarsus and the Charadriiformes,
and are probably indicative of the basal position of the genus within Phoenicopteridae.

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