Sobre la identidad de Orthotrichum inclinatum, O. incanum y O. crenato-erosum (Musci, Orthotrichaceae).

Celina Matteri


On the identity of Orthotrichum inclinatum, O. incanum and O. crenato-erosum (Musci, Orthotrichaceae). The discovery of duplicates of the original collections of Orthotrichum inclinatum C. Muell., O. incanum C. Muell. and O. crenato-erosum C. Muell., allowed identification and typification of these species. Orthotrichum inclinatum is conspecific with and is the oldest name for O. compactum Dus., while O. incanum is conspecific with and the correct name for O. crenato-erosum and O. bicolor Thér. 

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