Las aves exóticas introducidas y naturalizadas en la Argentina

Jorge Navas


It is a very common characteristic of
man to modify and disturb the natural environment in which he lives. This has been conducted in many
disorderly and lawless ways from early times, with the notion of improving conditions for man’s own
commodity. The cruel extermination of many species of plants and animals or their uncontrolled
introduction to exotic geographical areas, provokes important and severe changes in the universal
distribution of certain species. This introduction by man can have dangerous consequences because
posterior acclimatization and dispersal mostly leads to negative effects on both the native flora and fauna
and the health and economy of mankind. The present paper is a compilation of all information published
on the growing problem of the introduction and acclimatization of exotic birds in Argentina. Much new
information on the subject is incorporated with contributions by the author and several ornithologists and
birdwatchers. The first part of the work gives an outline of some ecological concepts on naturalization of
zoological species. Each introduced species has a brief history of its installation in the country, notes on
its field identification and its present status. A discussion on the damage and negative consequences on
the environment and mankind is given. In Argentina, thirteen species of exotic birds have been introduced
and naturalized with different levels of success, namely: Rock Dove, Columba livia; House Sparrow,
Passer domesticus; Mallard, Anas platyrhynchos; Greylag Goose, Anser anser; Golden Pheasant,
Chrysolophus pictus; Lady Amherst´s Pheasant, Chrysolophus amherstiae; Kalij Pheasant, Lophura
leucomelanos; Silver Pheasant, Lophura nycthemera; California Quail, Callipepla californica; Western
Greenfinch, Carduelis chloris; Eurasian Goldfinch, Carduelis carduelis; Common Starling, Sturnus
vulgaris; and Crested Myna, Acridotheres cristatellus

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