La Biozona Pakhapites fusus-Vittatina subsaccata en la Formación Patquía (Pérmico), Precordillera de La Rioja, Argentina

Silvia Césari, Valeria Perez Loinazze, Carlos Limarino


The Biozone Pakhapites fusus-Vittatina subsaccata in the Patquía Formation (Permian),
Precordillera of La Rioja, Argentina. The Patquía Formation is one of the few Neopaleozoic units from the
Paganzo Basin lacking detailed palynological studies. Twelve samples from the midsection, deposited in a coastal
marine environment in the area of Cerro Veladero (La Rioja Province) allowed us to characterize their palynological
content. All associations recovered are dominated by pollen grains, with a important percentage of taeniate
pollen. A detailed comparison is made with other associations from Argentina and Brazil. The presence of several
species such as Protohaploxypinus and Vittatina together with Pakhapites fusus, Weylandites magmus and
Converrucosisporites confluens Morphon sustains its correlation with the Pakhapites fusus - Vittatina subsaccata
Biozone that defines the earliest Cisuralian in Argentina.

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