Evaluación del estado de conservación de las especies del género Gavilea (Orchidaceae, Chloraeinae) en Argentina y Chile

Amelia Chemisquy


Assessment of the conservation status of Gavilea species (Orchidaceae, Chloraeinae) in Argentina and Chile. Gavilea comprises 17 species of terrestrial orchids that inhabit southern Argentina and central and southern Cchile. Ttheir conservation status was evaluated in order to plan future conservation tools using the information obtained from field trips, herbarium specimens and recent literature. Species were categorized
using the UuICNcn and the PlanEAr criterions, and potential hazards for each species were also evaluated. Although most of the species are not endangered, G. cardioglossa, G. insularis, G. kingii, G. trullata and G. supralabellata
are considered at risk and should be protected.

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