Buenos Aires, 1884. De cómo la fragilidad de unos esqueletos derrumbaron el proyecto de un Gran Museo Nacional

Silvia Ametrano, Irina Podgorny, María Margaret Lopes


Buenos Aires, 1884. How the fragility of a few skeletons triumphed over the project for a
Grand National Museum. The museums of our continent are a result from a combination of factors, such as
cultural trends, rivalry between cities, countries, and research teams, and the affinities or exchanges with metropolitan
centers. Alliances and scientific wars determined the course of these institutions. As we show in this
paper, in the 1880s and 1890s, competition between individuals, the Museo General de La Plata of the Province
of Buenos Aires and the Museo Nacional of Buenos Aires would define the paths they would follow and a race for
the possession of a large fossiliferous collection.

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