Primer registro de Mylodontinae (Tardigrada, Mylodontidae) en el Huayqueriense (Mioceno tardío) de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cristian Oliva, Diego Brandoni


First record of Mylodontinae (Tardigrada, Mylodontidae) from the Huayquerian (Late
Miocene) of Buenos Aires province, Argentina. The Mylodontinae (Xenarthra, Mylodontidae) are well represented
in the late Miocene (Chasicoan-Huayquerian) and Pliocene (Montehermosan-Chapadmalalan) of South
America (with more of a dozen of genera recognized). For the Huayquerian Stage/Age of Argentina the diversity
is high (about ten species documented). However, there are not certain records of the subfamily in the Buenos
Aires province during the Huayquerian. In this work are described new remains of a Mylodontinae assignable to
cf. Simomylodon Saint-André, Pujos, Cartelle, De Iuliis, Gaudin, McDonald & Mamani Quispe, which come from
the early Huayquerian of the locality of Arenas Blancas (lower course of Chasicó creek, Buenos Aires province)
and constitute the first certain record of a Mylodontidae Mylodontinae for the Huayquerian in this province.
Simomylodon was recorded in the Neogene of Bolivia, so the probable presence of this genus in the Buenos Aires
province increases notably their geographic distribution.

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