Una nueva especie de Brachyglossula Hedicke con una morfología particular del primer tergo metasómico (Hymenoptera, Colletidae)

Luis Compagnucci, Arturo Roig Alsina


A new species of Brachyglossula Hedicke with a remarkable morphology of the first metasomal
tergum (Hymenoptera, Colletidae). A new species, Brachyglossula schlumpbergeri, is described,
based on two males collected in the Department of Cochabamba, Bolivia. This species is remarkable because
of the structure of the first metasomal tergum, which bears a keeled projection, not present in any other bee.
Its mandible is not tridentate, as it is the case in all other males of the genus. The northern distribution of B.
martinezi and B. communis in Bolivia is extended, and floral records associated to the specimens of the treated
species are provided.

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