Registro de Moridae (Teleostei: Gadiformes) en la Formación Chenque (Oligoceno Tardío-Mioceno Temprano) de la provincia de Chubut, Argentina

Sergio Bogan, Federico Agnolin


Record of Moridae (Teleostei: Gadiformes) from the Chenque Formation (Late Oligocene
- Early Miocene) from the Chubut province, Argentina. A nearly complete specimen belonging to the
family Moridae is described in this paper. The material has been collected in outcrops referable to the Chenque
Formation (Oligocene-Miocene) from the Chubut province, Argentina. The specimen constitutes the first fossil
record for the Gadiformes in Argentina and one of the first osteological occurrences for Moridae. The morphology
of the specimen suggests affinities with the genera Physiculus and Salilota. The presence of Moridae in the Early
Miocene of Patagonia and New Zealand is in agreement with previous hypotheses suggesting marine transantarctic
connections between both landmasses during Late Oligocene - Early Miocene times.

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