Depredación de ostrácodos del Cuaternario del sur de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Romina Kihn, Dina Martínez, Eduardo Gómez


Depredation of Quaternary ostracods from southern Buenos Aires province, Argentina.
The presence of fossil traces in ostracods valves from different quaternary palaeoenvironments in southern
Buenos Aires province, Argentina, are studied in this paper. A number of 12500 specimens were analyzed and a
total of 33 bored valves were separated. Two types of depredation fossil traces were determined: Oichnus simplex
Bromley and Oichnus paraboloides Bromley, which comprised more than 60% of the total boreholes. The highest
percentage of valves with evidence of predation (3.33%) was registered in sediments of a continental permanent
lagoon with favourable trophic conditions and high density of ostracods. There was not relationship between the
borehole diameter and the size of the predated valves. Evidences of depredation were registered in species with
smooth valves as well as in species with adorned valves.

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