Formación Río Genoa (Pérmico Inferior, Cuenca Tepuel-Genoa, Chubut): nuevos datos sobre su contenido palinológico

Pedro Gutierrez, María Balarino, Ignacio Escapa, Ruban Cúneo


Río Genoa Formation (Lower Permian, Tepuel-Genoa basim, Chubut): New data about
palynological content. A new palynological assemblage is documented from the Río Genoa Formation, Tepuel-
Genoa Basin, Chubut, Argentina. The material was collected from the upper part of the Río Genoa Formation,
at Ferraroti II locality. It comes from the same level of a megafloristic assemblage. The assemblage is poorly
preserved, comprising mainly cingulizonate and laevigate spores, and bisaccate pollen grains. Sixty spore-pollen
species were indentified, prevailing: Dictyophyllidites mortonii (de Jersey) Playford & Dettmann, Leiotriletes
tiwarii Saxena, Punctatisporites microtumulosos Playford & Dettmann, P. sp. cf. P. dejerseyi Foster, Cristatisporites
sp. cf. C. longispinosus Menéndez, Kraeuselisporites apiculatus Jansonius, K. punctatus Jansonius, K. sanluisensis
Menéndez, Lundbladispora areolata Césari et al., Barakarites rotatus (Balme & Hennelly) Bharadwaj & Tiwari,
Crucisaccites latisulcatus Lele & Maithy, Colpisaccites sp. cf. C. granulosus Archangelsky & Gamerro, Alisporites
sp. cf. A. australis de Jersey, Scheuringipollenites maximus (Hart) Tiwari, S. circularis Césari et al., S. medius
(Burjack) Dias-Fabrício, Corisaccites? sp. A, Hamiapollenites sp. A, Lueckisporites? spp., Lunatisporites? spp.,
Staurosaccites? sp. A and Pakhapites sp. A. The assemblage might be adscribed to the Pakhapites fusus-Vittatina
subsaccata or Lueckisporites-Weylandites Biozones. The megaflora is adscribed to the Ginkgoites eximia Biozone,
of Early Permian age (Sakmariano-Artinskiano?). This rich microflora represents a community dominated by
Lycophyta and ferns, with gymnosperms and pteridosperms/glossopteridals.

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