Aequitriradites Delcourt & Sprumont y Couperisporites Pocock, esporas de hepáticas, en el Cretácico Temprano de Patagonia, Argentina

Sergio Archangelsky, Ana Archangelsky


Aequitriradites Delcourt & Sprumont and Couperisporites Pocock liverwort spores from
the Early Cretaceous of Patagonia, Argentina. Spores belonging to liverworts are common components of
Early Cretaceous assemblages in Southern Patagonia. Two genera, Aequitriradites and Couperisporites were
identified from several localities and offshore wells in the Austral Basin. Three new species of Aequitriradites,
viz. A. plicatus, A. longispinosus and A. superpinulosus are defined, together with the known species A. spinulosus,
A. verrucosus and A. baculatus. Couperisporites is described and illustrated for the first time in Argentina with
two species, viz. C. lilianae n.sp. and C. sp. Considerations on some morphological aspects related to ornamentation
and exine structure are made as well as some stratigraphic implications on the distribution of these taxa. The
taxonomic variety suggests favourable temperate/warm and humid environmental conditions for development
of liverworts during the Early Cretaceous in Patagonia in agreement with data provided by other plant groups
identified in the same assemblages.

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