Revisión de las especies sudamericanas de Anthophorula Cockerell (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Exomalopsini)

Rocío González Vaquero, Arturo Roig Alsina


Revision of the South American species of Anthophorula Cockerell (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Exomalopsini). All South American species of Anthophorula belong to the subgenus Isomalopsis Michener & Moure. These bees occur in xeric areas of western Argentina, from the province of Salta to the province of Río Negro. Three new species are described: A. macrodonta n. sp., A. truncata n. sp., and A. uncicornis n. sp. A lectotype is designated for the type species of the subgenus, Tetralonia niveata Friese. The relationships among species are discussed. A key to the species, descriptions, distributional data, and illustrations are provided.

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