Description, phylogenetic relationships, and biology of Litocalliopsis adesmiae, a new genus and species of South American calliopsine bees (Hymenoptera, Andrenidae)

Arturo Roig Alsina, Luis Compagnucci


The new genus and species Litocalliopsis adesmiae is described from the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The phylogenetic relationships of the new genus are discussed, suggesting that it is the sister group of the broadly distributed genus Calliopsis Smith. Descriptions and illustrations of the new taxon, and a key to separate Litocalliopsis from other calliopsine genera, are presented. A nesting area of the species was studied, and the biological features of the species are described and compared to those of other calliopsines. Such features are adult activity, nest architecture, cell structure, shape and position of provisions, egg placement, mating behavior, and plants visited. These bees collected pollen from the legume Adesmia bicolor (Poir.) D.C. The postdefecating larva is also described and illustrated.  

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