Relaciones estratigráficas e hidroquímicas de los acuíferos Pampeano y Puelches en el noreste de la provincia de Buenos Aires

Sergio Amato, Adrián Silva Busso


Relationship between Stratigraphy and Hydrochemistry of the Pampeano and Puelches Aquifers in the Northeastern Region of Buenos Aires Province. Stratigraphyc relationships at the top and base of the Puelches Formation in the Northeast of Buenos Aires Province are analyzed. Structural maps using the new data obtained from wells in the Paraná Delta and adjacent rivers of the studied area are presented. Three different contact areas may be defined between geologic units: Puelches/Pampeano, Puelches/Pampeano/Post-Pampeano and Puelches/Post-Pampeano. In this region, a hydrogeologic correlation between the stratigraphy and the groundwater hydrochemistry may be established. A similar hydrochemistry for the Pampeano and Puelches Aquifers is proposed as related with stratigraphy and sea level change during the last 6000 years.

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