Trophic and reproductive ecology of a species of Hemibrycon (Pisces: Characidae) in Tinajas creek, Quindío River drainage, upper Cauca basin, Colombia

César Román Valencia, Alvaro Botero


We studied trophic and reproductive ecology of a new endemic species of characid fish Hemibrycon sp., from Tinajas Creek, Quindío River drainage, upper Cauca basin, Colombia. The diet consisted primarily of Diptera (Tipulidae and Chironomidae), Hymenoptera (Formicidae) and Coleoptera (Dytiscidae), but it also eats algae (Clorophyta) and seeds. Alochtonous food items are important factor for this species. The species reproduces in both the wet and dry seasons. During September-October they store lipids in their celomic cavity. Fecundity is low 405 oocytes) and the sex ratio is 1:2.28, with a predominance of males. Hemibrycon sp. is syntopic with: (Cetopsorhandia boquillae, Astyanax aurocaudatus, Trichomycterus caliense, and Poecilia caucae. Physical and chemical of data of their habitat are included.

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