Quistes de dinoflagelados del Cretácico inferior de la Plataforma Continental Argentina: Resultados bioestratigráficos

María V. Guler, Gladys R. Guerstein, Sergio Archangelsky


Palinological assemblages from offshore Argentina are especially rich in organic walled dinoflagellates cysts. The assemblages proceeds from fifteen sidewall core samples of he GHF2x-1, GIA5x-1, GGH6x-1, GHJ10x-1, GOC5x-1, and GSJ2x-1 wells, drilled on the continental shelf. Twenty nine dinoflagellate cyst species were identified. The most diagnostic and stratigraphically significant species are Muderongia australis Helby emend. Monteil, Muderongia tetracantha (Gocht) Alberti emend. Monteil, Odontochitina operculata (Wetzel) Deflandre & Cookson, Chlamydophorella ambigua (Deflandre) Stover & Helby, Dingodinium cerviculum (Cookson & Eisenack) emend. Khowaja-Ateequzzaman et al., Belodinium dysculum (Cookson & Eisenack) emend. Stover & Helby and Herendeenia postprojecta Stover & Helby, which indicate a late Barremian-early Aptian age. The  dynocysts assemblages and correlated with the upper part of the Muderongia australis Zone Helby et al. and the lower part of the Odontochitina operculata Zone et al.

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