Use of UV-curable acrylates gels as mounting media for palynological samples

Sol Noetinger, Roberto R. Pujana, Alfredo Burrieza, Hernán P. Burrieza


UV-curable acrylate are used as an easy, economic and rapid mounting media (m.m.). After the palynological specimens kept in water are dehydrated with Ethanol, they can be mounted in UV-curable acrylate such as Trabasil NR2 and Acrysoft urethane acrylates. These m.m. have advantages over other m.m.: specimens are not displaced in time, they are not attacked by any organism or modified by any environmental conditions such as humidity and heat. In addition refraction index is similar to that of sporopollenin and glass.

Palabras clave

pollen, spores, microscope slides, mounting media, acrylates

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