An overview on the Palynostratigraphy of the Upper Paleozoic strata of the Brazilian Paraná Basin

Paulo A. Souza, Marleni Marques Toigo


Based on analysis of previous zonations and new studies, an overview of the palynological succession of the Upper Paleozoic strata of the ParanáBasinis given, and new data are introduced. The Cannanoropollis korbaensis Zone is renamed Vittatina costabilis Zone, and one of its subzones (Caheniasaccites ovatus) is regarded as belonging to the Protohaploxypinus goraiensis Subzone. Four interval zones characterize this stratigraphic section; in ascending order, these are the Ahrensisporites cristatus, Crucisaccites monoletus, Vittatina costabilis and Lueckisporites virkkiae Zones. The ranges of some species have been modified and new trends of investigation are suggested, including a definitive palynological study on the lithostratigraphical limits in order to understand environmental influences.

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