Revision of genus Hellica Stål, 1867 and description of three new genera of South American Lanopini (Hemiptera: Acanthosomatidae: Blaudusinae)

Diego Leonardo Carpintero, Sebastián De Biase


Three new genera are described, Epactiohellica based on a new species, E. farinai, Alloeohellica based on another new species A. faundezi, and Hellicoides based on the known species Hellica johni Froeschner. The genus Hellica is redescribed with two known species H. nitida Haglund and H. johnpolhemi Froeschner and one new species, H. kolla. Fifth nymphal instar of Hellicoides johni is described for the first time and fifth nymphal instar of H. nitida is redescribed. Distributional (biogeography, distributional patterns), ecological (coloration, host plants) and biological characters (nymphs, eggs) of these genera are discussed.

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