Caracterización del granito Fitz Roy Provincia de Santa Cruz, Argentina

Andrés Kosmal, Juan Spikermann


The Miocene aged Fitz Roy granite is located at 73º 4' W and 49º 16' S in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. It is a 45 kmn2

stock of ovoidal section, being its major axes of approximately 16 km EW and 9 km NS direction. Its character is

epizonal, and zonal in its transversal sense facies. A marginal dark microdioritic facies and a main graniticgranodioritic

facies are clearly seen. The box is made up of leptomorphytes of the Paleozoic Formation Bahia de la

Lancha, vulcanogenic Jurassic rocks of the Complejo el Queinado and Cretaceous sedimentites of the Rio Mayer

Formation. Both facies are chalcoalkalines of medium to high potassic alkalinity. The dioritic facies is alumina

infrasaturated, whereas the granitic main facies presents meta and peraluminous saturation terms.

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