Description of the female of Melloina gracilis (Schenkel, 1953) (Mygalomorphae: Theraphosidae) with comments on the familial placement of Melloina

Victoria Emilia Goloboff-Szumik, Duniesky Ríos Tamayo


The female of Melloina gracilis (Schenkel, 1953), a species previously known only from males, is described. This is the second species of the genus known from both sexes. Detailed morphological description and figures of the female specimen are presented. A reanalysis of Mori & Bertani, 2020 matrix is done and some comments about the familial placement of the genus Melloina Brignoli, 1985 are made.

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Melloina gracilis; Taxonomía; Theraphosidae; Paratropididae; Venezuela

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