Acute Cu toxicity, metal bioaccumulation and ion loss in the Neotropical cyprinodontiform Jenynsia multidentata

Carlos Villar, Sergio Gómez, Cristina Bentos


The acute toxicity of Cu, metal bioaccumulation and ion loss in the cyprinodontiform Jenynsia multidentata, a highly eurihaline Neotropical freshwater fish of wide distribution in the Río de la Plata basin, was established during a 96 h static exposure. The median lethal concentration at 96 h was 229 µg Cu l-1. The effect of CuSO45H2O was tested in natural freshwater in two-liter Pyrex glass chambers at controlled temperature, with natural light and artificial aeration. During the first hours of exposure to concentrations above 130 µg Cu l-1, an increase in aquatic surface respiration, air gulping and erratic swimming were observed, showing evidence of the affection of the respiratory system. The concentration of Cu, Na and K in the whole body burden at the end of each experiment showed by correlation analysis Cu bioaccumulation and loss of Na+ and K+. The concentration of Cu in water was positively correlated with its bioaccumulation (r=0.79, p=0.06), and negatively correlated with the whole body burden of K+ (r=-0.84, p=0.037). K+ loss was positively correlated with Na+ loss (r=0.88, p=0.02). Cu LC50 for this cyprinodontiform seems rather low when compared to fishes often utilized in toxicity tests

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