First records of Myxine affinis Günther, 1870 and Myxine knappi Wisner & McMillan, 1995 in San Jorge Gulf, central Patagonia, Southwestern Atlantic.

Kevin Josué Jacobi, Nelson Darío Bovcon, Ximena Navoa, David Edgardo Galván, Pablo Daniel Cochia


There are records of seven species of hagfishes in the Argentine shelf and continental slope, comprising the most diverse region for this group in the Southwestern Atlantic. Here, the authors report the occurrence of Myxine affinis and Myxine knappi in San Jorge gulf, adding two species to the ichthyofauna of central Patagonia. A specimen of M. affinis (447 mm TL; hermaphrodite) was incidentally caught by the Patagonian shrimp fishing fleet and collected by the Fishery Observer Program of Fisheries Secretariat of the Chubut Province, Argentina. Subsequently, the authors collected a second specimen of M. affinis (358 mm TL; female) and a specimen of M. knappi (303 mm TL) during the research cruises of the oceanographic vessel ARA Puerto Deseado, within the “Pampa Azul” initiative. The latter is the twelfth record for the species. These specimens are stored in the ichthyological collection of the Instituto de Investigación de Hidrobiología of the Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Trelew (UNPSJB-ICT), Argentina. These new records of M. affinis and M. knappi extended their known distribution by 850 km and 220 km northward, respectively. In addition, the authors reported morphometric, meristic and reproductive variables of the collected specimens.

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Myxinidae; new record; Pampa Azul; Argentine Sea; agnathans; cyclostomes

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