Species of Megachile (Chrysosarus) with a partial cutting edge in the female mandible in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae)

Arturo Roig Alsina, Juan Pablo Torretta


Abstract: The subgenus Megachile (Chrysosarus) is known for the lack of cutting edges in the female mandible. Nevertheless, a small cutting edge on the lower margin of the third tooth is present in a few species, all described from Brazil. This contribution calls attention to the presence of this condition in several species occuring in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Four new species are described: M. basimacula, M. platensis, M. sancticlaudii, and M. simpliciclypeata. The identity of two species described over a century ago is clarified: M. interjecta Vachal, and M. cubiceps Friese. Megachile uncinata González, Griswold & Engel is a junior synonym of M. cubiceps Friese. Species of M. (Chrysosarus) with a small cutting edge in the female mandible form an heterogeneous assemblage, and seem to be related to species that completely lack cutting edges, and not to each other.  An exception is formed by the four species M. basimacula, M. cubiceps, M. euzona, and M. tetrazona, which share a number of common features, and are included as the M. euzona species group. Descriptions, illustrations, and distributional data are presented for all the species.

Palabras clave

Leaf-cutter bees, Megachile, taxonomy, new species

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