Eretiscus tonnii (Simpson) (Aves, Sphenisciformes): materiales adicionales, status taxonómico y distribución geográfica

Carolina Acosta Hospitaleche, Claudia Tambussi, Mario Cozzuol


Eretiscus tonnii (Simpson) (Aves, Sphenisciformes): additional materials, taxonomic  status and geographic distribution. Additional material of the small Latest Oligocene-Earliest Miocene  fossil penguin, Eretiscus tonnii (Simpson, 1981) Olson, 1986, is described. The new and previously  known specimens allow us to refer this species to the subfamily Palaeospheniscinae, which contains the  genera Palaeospheniscus and Eretiscus. Previous references to the presence of the genus Eretiscus in New Zealand, based on an isolated humerus (Hakataramea bird) are revised and dismissed here. As a  consequence, no fossil penguins in common between Patagonia andNew Zealandare known. Thus, the  genus Eretiscus and the entire subfamily Palaeospheniscinae are restricted toSouth America.  Key words: Fossil penguins, Spheniscidae, Palaeospheniscinae, Miocene,Patagonia, New Zeland.  

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