Hippocampus patagonicus sp. nov., nuevo caballito de mar para la Argentina (Pisces, Syngnathiformes)

Gabriela Piacentino, Diego Luzzatto


Hippocampus patagonicus sp. nov., new seahorse fromArgentina(Pisces,  Syngnathiformes). A new seahorse species, Hippocampus patagonicus is described fromSan Antonio OesteBay(Rio NegroProvince), Puerto Pirámides (ChubutProvince), and Puerto Madryn (Chubut Province) along the Patagonic Argentine coast. This species is the southernmost occurring species of the  genus in theSouth Atlantic Ocean. Morphometrics, meristics and a morphological description are  presented. The osteological spine ultrastructure is proposed to define the taxonomic status of the species.  Key words: Hyppocampus, new species,South Atlantic Ocean,Argentina.  

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