Formas geoquímicas de metales pesados en sedimentos del Río Matanza y principales afluentes

A. Rendina, Laura de Cabo, S. Arreghini, A. Iorio


Geochemical forms of heavy metals in sediments from the Matanza River and its main affluents. Sequential fractionation was applied to partition heavy metals in river sediments taken from the Matanza-Riachuelo basin. Although there was observed a considerable variation among the heavy metals in the proportion of various fractions, Pb showed a similar distribution pattern between the four sampling sites. The organic matter/sulfides fractions of this metal strongly dominated over the other fractions. The speciation of Cu showed a relative high percentage of carbonates and organic mater/sulfides fractions. Zinc showed a high proportion of Fe-Mn oxides. Cadmium was only detected in Cañuelas stream sediments and existed in the exchangeable and carbonates fraction showing a high potential mobility of this element.

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