Los musgos (Bryophyta) de Puerto Blest y alrededores (Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, Argentina) I. Lista comentada de las especies

Graciela Calabrese, Celina Matteri


The mosses (Bryophyta) of Puerto Blest and surrounding area (Nahuel Huapi National Park, Argentina) I. Checklist of the species. As a result of a preliminary survey of the mosses of Puerto Blest and surrounding area (Nahuel Huapi National Park, Argentina), 111 species were identified. These data were complemented with 14 additional taxa recorded in the literature forming a total of 124 species and one variety in this area. Sixty-seven mosses are new to the flora of Puerto Blest, 26 species are recorded for the first time from Neuquén province, and 19 species are new records from Río Negro province. Austrophilibertiella ditrichoidea, Chrysoblastella chilensis, Symblepharis fuegiana, Platyneurum laticostatum, Weissia patagonica, Didymodon andreaeoides, Tortula polycarpa, Racomitrium lamprocarpum, Scouleria patagonica, Pyrrhobrym mnioides, Ancistrodes genuflexa, Neckera berteroana, Porothamnium panduraefolium, Rhaphidorrhynchium callidum and R. berberidis are illustrated. A brief description of vegetation, geology, geomorphology and climate of the area under survey are also given. 

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