Estudios palinológicos del Grupo Baqueró (Cretácico Inferior), provincia de Santa Cruz, Argentina. X. Polen de Gymnospermae y Apéndice Final

Liliana Villar de Seoane, Sergio Archangelsky


Palynological studies from the Baqueró Group (Lower Cretaceous), Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. X. Pollen of Gymnospermae and final Appendix. In the present paper, the palynological study of Gymnosperm pollen from the Anfiteatro de Ticó Formation is completed. The material was collected in Anfiteatro de Ticó and Estancia Bajo Tigre localities from the Santa Cruz Province. The Anfiteatro de Ticó Formation, the basal unit of the Baqueró Group, has an Aptian age. The study includes 9 genera and 11 species. One new genus (Ticoites), and three new species (Araucariacites spinosus, Ephedripites acutus and Ticoites gamerroi) are described. Also, Dilwynites granulatus Harris is cited for the first time in the Lower Cretaceous of Argentina. This paper, the final contribution of the series, indicates the presence of a wide variety of gymnosperms, a group that nowadays is almost extinct in Patagonia due to large recurrent climatic changes that have occurred since the Aptian.

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