Relevamiento de la ictiofauna de la laguna Camba Cué, isla Apipé Grande, Corrientes, Argentina

Juan Iwaszkiw, Francisco Firpo Lacoste, Alejandro Jacobo


Ichthyological survey of the Camba Cué lagoon, Apipé Grande Island, Corrientes, Argentina.
The Apipé Grande island is a Provincial Reserve located in the Paraná river at 1400 km, from its origin at
the Buenos Aires harbor, and two km downstream of the Yacyretá Dam. The outstanding feature of the island is
that 70 % of its area comprises wetland environments. At the center of the island there are Hermosa and Cambá
Cué «lagunas» with 300 and 1000 hectares respectively. The present paper reports the results of the first
ichthyological survey to the referred water bodies. As a result of the sampling fieldwork 55 fish species were
identified. The presence of species belonging to lotic and lenitic environments is interpreted as evidence for the
close hydrological relationship of these water bodies and the Paraná river system.

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