Quistes de dinoflagelados no marinos del Holoceno de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina: relación con especies actuales de Peridinium

Marcela Borel, Andrés Boltovskoy, Raquel Guerstein, Silvina Stutz


Non marine dinoflagellate cysts from the Holocene of Buenos Aires province, Argentina:
relationship with recent species of Peridinium. Palynological zones with important frequencies of
peridinioid organic walled dinoflagellate cysts were reported for freshwater to brackish, middle to late Holocene
sequences from southeast of Buenos Aires province, Argentina. The recovered dinocysts have a thin wall,
frequently folded; with granulate periphragm and smooth endophragm. The tabulation and the archeopyle
suture are difficult to discern. These non-marine palynomorphs are described and compared with modern cysts
recovered from a bloom of Peridinium willei Huitfeld-Kaas in a pool at Casali Quarry, Los Talas, Buenos Aires
province, and with recent cysts produced in San Roque reservoir, Córdoba province, by Peridinium gatunense
Nygaard. The comparison points out the scarcity of morphological distinctive features characteristic of the
theca stage, though shows general similarities between the present and fossil cysts.

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