Caracterización polínica de las mieles de la provincia de Formosa, Argentina

Mirta Cabrera


Palynological characterization of honeys from Formosa province, Argentina. The aim of
this study is to register the diversity of plant species that are used by Apis mellifera L. in the production of
honey. The results of melissopalynological analysis of twenty two samples, based on their study with light and
scanning electron microscopy are presented. Sampling was performed in different areas of Formosa province,
Argentina. The qualitative analysis showed that 96% of the species belog to the native flora and only 4% to
exotic plants. A total of 49 pollen types belonging to 34 families were identified. In accordance with the quantitative
analysis, 3 samples are of Prosopis alba, 2 of Tessaria integrifolia and 1 sample of Zizyphus mistol and Eugenia sp.

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