Maderas de la Formación Piedra Pintada (Jurásico Temprano), provincia de Neuquén, Argentina

Silvia Gnaedinger


Woods from the Early Jurassic Piedra Pintada Formation, Neuquén Province, Argentina.
Two gymnosperm woods from the Early Jurassic Piedra Pintada Formation at the Cerro Mesa locality, Neuquén
province, Argentina, are described. Previous knowledge of the paleoflora is based on leaf impressions. The
following taxa are recognized: Araucarioxylon termieri (Attims) Gnaedinger nov. comb. (Order Coniferales, Family
Araucariaceae) and a new species, Prototaxoxylon pintadense (Order Taxales). With this contribution, the presence
of the Family Araucariaceae is confirmed and the Order Taxales is also added to the assemblage.

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