Análisis multielemental de cortezas de fresno (Fraxinus pennsylvanica) a lo largo de un gradiente urbano-periurbano en la metrópolis de Buenos Aires

Patricia Perelman, M. A. Castro, L. E. Navarro, M. Rechi, M. Arriaga, S. López, E. Martínez Carretero, A. Faggi


Multielemental analysis of Fraxinus pennsylvanica bark along an urban to periurban
gradient in Buenos Aires metropolis. In Buenos Aires metropolitan area a multielemental analysis of bark
samples of Fraxinus pennsylvanica have been performed. The samples were analysed using ICP-OES. The
resulting data have been treated by an ANOVA and by an ordination technique based on reciprocal averaging
(Detrended Correspondence Analysis). The results allow us to confirm that the major contamination source is
of geogenic origin with the presence of Ba, Al, Mg and Fe being principal soil components carried out by wind.
Also part of these elements and the presence of Cr, Zn, Pb, Mg and Ni in the urban areas indicate anthropogenic
influence and are suspected to be associated to vehicle and related economic activities. The periurban area is
characterised by major values of Ba and Cu linked to the maintenance of swimming pools, fungicides and biomass

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