Posición sistemática de algunas aves fororracoideas (Ralliformes; Cariamae) Argentinas

Federico Agnolin


Systematic position of some argentinian phororracoid birds (Ralliformes; Cariamae).
The holotypes of Psilopterus affinis (Ameghino, 1899), Pseudolarus guaraniticus Ameghino, 1899, Aucornis solidus Ameghino, 1899, and Onactornis mendocinus (Kraglievich, 1931), as well as referred material by previous authors to Onactornis pozzii (Kraglievich, 1931) are redescribed and figured. P. affinis is considered a valid species of the genus Psilopterus , as proposed by previous authors. The systematic status of the genus Pseudolarus is reviewed, and its synonymy with Psilopterus is proposed. Aucornis solidus and Onactornis mendocinus are considered nomina dubia. The referred tibiotarsus and mandibular symphysis of Onactornis pozzii are described, and the species is provisionally regarded as a valid taxon within the genus Devincenzia, as was suggested by previous authors.

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