Andinopatagonian species of Plagiochila (Plagiochilaceae, Marchantiophyta) Sectio Obcuneatae Carl

Gabriela Hässel de Menendez


Sectio Obcuneatae Carl is modified to include Plagiochila subpectinata Besch. & C. Massal. and P. riparia Steph. These taxa, with citation of their type specimens, are described, illustrated, and comments are given on the synonyms, specimens examined, ecology and distribution. Plagiochila fagicola var. β subpectinata (Besch. & C. Massal.) Schiffn., P. hyadesiana Besch. & C. Massal., P. fagicola Schiffn., P. elegans Gottsche ex Schiffn. n. inval., P. tristis Gottsche ex Schiffn. n. inval., P. obcuneata Steph., P. rectangulata Steph., P. arborescens Steph., P. flexicaulis var. paucidens Steph. n. inval. and P. subpectinata fo. olivacea Besch. & C. Massal. n. herb. are considered new synonyms of P. subpectinata Besch. & C. Massal. P. fernandeziensis Steph. and P. squarrosa Steph. are new synonyms of P. riparia Steph.. Key words: Liverworts, Plagiochila, taxonomy, Argentina, Chile.

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