Revisión sistemática de algunas aves deseadenses (Oligoceno Medio) descriptas por Ameghino en 1899

Federico Agnolin


Systematic review of some deseadan (Middle Oligocene) birds described by Ameghino in  1899. Most of the fossil birds described by Ameghino for “Deseadan” (Oligocene) beds are reviewed.  The following is concluded: 1) Aminornis excavatus is excluded from the order Gruiformes and is  included within the Anseriformes; 2) Teleornis is considered an Anatidae Tadorninae; 3) Loncornis  erectus is an indeterminate bird; 4) Riacama caliginea and Smiliornis penetrans are included in the  superfamily Cariamoidea; 5) Ciconiopsisantarcticais provisionally considered a valid genus of the  family Psilopteridae.  Key words: Fossil birds, taxonomy,Oligocene,Argentina.  

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