La fauna de Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Osvaldo Di Iorio, Juan Fariña


A total of 6944 specimens of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) were examined (10 Anoplodermatinae, 107
Prioninae, 1 Lepturinae, 5044 Cerambycinae, and 1782 Lamiinae). One hundred and five species have been
mentioned in literature from the province of Buenos Aires (3 Anoplodermatinae, 3 Prioninae, 1 Lepturinae, 75
Cerambycinae, and 23 Lamiinae); 16 species more, given for the district in the literature, are here considered as
transported species, not naturally distributed in the province, to which 13 new records of transported can be
added species (few of them can be naturally present in other areas of the province); 14 species are new records
for the province, naturally present, but few of them can be transported specimens in other localities; 2 species
were erroneously labelled (one mentioned in the literature). Three faunistic groups of Cerambycidae can be
distinguished: the Paranaense-Uruguayense fauna from Misiones that reaches the province along the Uruguay
and Paraná rivers, the northern Espinal, influenced by the Chaquenian province and the southern Espinal,
influenced by the Monte province.

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